Valentine’s Day – Mother


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Mother, may I take this time,
to gladly honor you?
For all the treasured time you spend,
and all the things you do.
A card can not hold all the things
that a mother like you do;
for your family and friends galore,
and sometimes strangers too.
You’ve taught me many things in life;
and how to keep the pace.
You’ve taught me through your toil and strife.
You’ve done it all with grace.
I’ve learned to see my stumbling blocks,
as stairs I must ascend;
to ride the waves of stormy days,
and ungodly ways…amend.
And most of all, I’ve learned that love,
can enhance most anything.
With the grace of God and lots of prayer,
contentment it always brings.
I love and appreciate you.
Happy Valentines Day