Thinking of You – Mother


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Where are all of my children?…
The ones I held and fed;
the ones I said my prayers with
before they went to bed.
I used to cook and bake a lot…
I did the best I could,
for all that came to my door and knocked;
all from the neighborhood.
I’d often sit them on my knee,
and feed and cuddle them.
They’d laugh and play and roam carefree,
until the lights were dimmed.
Where are all of my children,
now that I’ve grown old and grey?
They’ve moved away, got lost somehow…
They never come this way.
Now that my children have all grown up,
they have new families;
and when their children all grow up,
they’ll be left behind like me.
I’ll hear the echo of their voices,
from a distance like before.
They’ll hold their hand up to their chest,
til their children’s voices they hear no more.
Love always,