Mother’s Day – Mother’s Love


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A Mother’s Love
A mother’s love, unlike the seasons,
doesn’t change when there’s no sun.
A mother’s love – She needs no reason,
to express it to someone.
A mother’s love never digresses,
though to you, it sometimes seems
it’s no longer there, and takes recesses;
she sees you in her thoughts and dreams.
You can depend upon a mother’s love,
to out last trials and tribulations;
to be God-sent from up above;
to be a strong configuration.
A mother’s love endures the pain…
The pains of which you often feel.
It brings you sunshine when it rains,
and yet, her pain, she still conceals.
A mother’s love has no boundaries;
No tests or thin lines to cross.
It’s not determined by the kind of person you are…
So, whatever you are, her love’s not lost.
Thank You Mom
Happy Mother’s Day