I’m Thinking of You


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As I hurry and scurry to work every day,
and greet each person I see on the way;
I can’t help but show a great big smile,
even when I’m stuck in traffic a while..
I’m Thinking of You.
As the day goes by, and I’m stressed to no end;
and my name is called again and again;
as life’s perils take control of my day;
and I say to myself, “Oh no, devil, no way!”…
I’m Thinking of You
I take charge once again, and then finish my day;
I rush home, letting nothing stand in my way…
I’m Thinking of You.
When I get dressed for bed, and I’m watching T.V…
awaiting your return – hoping you too can see;
how much love that I have, deep down in my heart;
and my feelings for you, will never depart…
I’m Thinking of You
Love always,