Farewell – Sister


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You and I spent a lifetime together;
consoling each other through all kinds of weather.
I watched over you, and you watched over me.
As far as we were concerned, we would live to eternity.
I’ll never forget your motherly ways;
which helped me through so many cloudy days.
You gave me your strength to endure life’s pain;
your patience and tact, when things were insane.
You taught me endurance, when things were unfair;
to be mindful of others, and my feelings to air.
You taught me devotion to family and friends;
to be independent and strong to the end.
It meant so much to have someone like you;
to share my burdens, my joy and pain too.
I’ll miss the bond that we both had…
The sharing of secrets we had in the past.
I’ll miss the joy that we both shared…
The pulling together because we both cared.
My heart will be filled with memories of you;
of all the good times, just shared by us two.
Your voice will forever ring in my ear;
and I guess forever, I’ll wish you were here…
To light my path as I go day by day;
to pick me up when I fall along the way.
Love always,