Comforting Thoughts


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I’ve lived a full and blessed life,
among those whom I love.
I’ve given all that I could give,
as ordained by the Lord above.
I’ve loved and shared and always cared
for my earthly family.
I’ve seen your births and bared your pain,
and held you close to me.
I’ve watched and nurtured all of you,
in hopes you’d grow with Him.
I’ve seen you stumble and often fall;
lose faith and trust in Him.
My wish is that you have in him,
the faith you’ve had in me;
and widen all the narrow paths;
by His light you’ll always see.
I leave you with the gift he gave,
of love and harmony;
and now I go with him in peace;
fear not my destiny.
So, please do not be sad,
because I’m going home to rest;
in a place where there’s no pain…
Only peace and happiness.
With Comforting Thoughts