We are now offering our greeting cards as fund raisers, for schools, organizations, clubs, and athletic associations.  Our cards are not yet sold in stores.  This makes them an excellent fund raising item.

To our knowledge, greeting cards are not currently being sold as fund raisers.  Our belief is that this is a vital market for our cards.  Since practically all schools have fund raisers, our card collection will be viewed by millions of parents and friends of school students.  It provides a large selection, and the convenience of home shopping.  It saves gas, which would normally be used to go from store to store looking for what you want.

Our cards can also be considered for fund raisers for college students who are trying to pay tuition.  On many occasions, college students canvass the neighborhoods selling magazines to earn tuition.  Why not sell greeting cards?  They would be a welcome change, because everyone sends greetings.

Contact us before your next fund raiser drive.  View our “Contact Us” page for ways to contact us and contact information.