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Who Is Mary S. Brock?

She’s that Capricorn who sits quietly in the corner, where there is a crowd,

and observes and absorbs everything that is happening…

One who is constantly on her feet,

serving all of her guests at the family gatherings…

Who cares about each and every one of her friends and family,

and does everything she can to enhance their lives

and guide them toward the right path in life…

Who is sincerely concerned about others,

and what makes them who they are…

and looks past their exterior to their hearts…

Who always listens with an open ear and heart,

to those who are troubled and need guidance…

Who wants to share her life experiences, skills and knowledge

with all who care to benefit from them.

Mary began taking family photos soon after her marriage.  Then after an unfortunate disability, she began entering poetry and photo contests.  She won numerous awards and was recognized for her photography in the Photographer’s Forum Magazine.  Her prolific abilities and disappointments when looking for suitable greetings led her to the desire to combine her talents in a collection of greeting cards.  Many years have been spent drafting the text and collecting images for these cards.  Now she is finally ready to showcase her work and share her sentiments with the nation.  This is how EMOTIONS GREETINGS PLUS card series was established.  We hope you like the results.  Please feel free to email us at, and let us know what you think of our line of cards.  We are also open for suggestions for new card categories.