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into each life cover mary brockInto Each Life: Self-Help Anthology

She’s that Capricorn who sits quietly in the
corner, where there is a crowd, and observes and
absorbs everything that is happening…One who
is constantly on her feet, serving all of her guests
at the family gatherings…Who cares about each
and every one of her friends and family, and does
everything she can to enhance their lives and
guide them toward the right path in life…Who
is sincerely concerned about others, and what
makes them who they are…and looks past their
exterior to their hearts…Who always listens with
an open ear and heart, to those who are troubled
and need guidance…Who wants to share her life
experiences, skills and knowledge with all who
care to benefit from them.

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Etchings on My Mind: Perils of Life and Changing Times

by Mary. S. Brock

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Mary S. Brock was born in Arkansas; and raised in Ohio, from age five through 18.  At the age of 18, she moved to California, where she currently resides.  Shortly after going to California, Mary was married; is the mother of two children. She has enjoyed 52 years of marriage as of 2019; and is the proud grandmother of three, and two great grands.

Mary made some positive decisions about the future of her life at a very young age.  She was a model student all through her school years and carried a 3.7 to 4.0 grade point average.  Her work career began at age 16.  She held a variety of clerical and managerial positions throughout her career.

During her employment, Mary received numerous suggestion awards.  Her other honors and awards include: Certificate of Award in Journalism; Special Achievement Award; and Letter of Commendation.

Mary’s artistic honors and awards include: World of Poetry, (4) Golden Poet Awards and (1) Honorable Mention Award; publication as Photo Finalist in Photographer Forum Magazine Annual Edition; Certificate of Merit, for Outstanding Lyric Writing from Talent & Associated and Caldora Music Publishing Companies; also Poetry Honorable Mention, Write-On Magazine.

After an unfortunate disability, Mary decided to combine her talents to start her own business.  This was the birth of her book entitled “Etchings on My Mind” and her current greeting card line, “Emotions Greetings Plus.”  Currently, Mary is in the process of producing more greetings for publication and sale.  “Etchings on My Mind” can be found online at Ebay, Google, Amazon, Goodreads, Walmart, and more.

Mary has strived to be successful at these endeavors, despite the many stumbling blocks thrown in her path.  She has been a beacon of hope to many family members, friends and others throughout her adult life; through sharing of her knowledge and life experiences she has witnessed.  She plans to expand her horizon to a novelty business in the near future. She envisions so many ways to bring joy into many people’s lives and soothe their latent pains. You may contact us in the future for updates.

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